Unique by nature

You might find perfectly matching pieces but it is the forms that compliment that are more important to me than those that are the same. Any factory can produce perfectly matching pottery lining the shelves like little soldiers ready for action. The embodiment of efficiency in creation and use. I desire the natural. The seaside with stones and glass smoothed by wind, water and time. Complementary in form. Each individual piece echoing the whole. Creation and life connected in one fluid movement. We live in a world of straight lines and identical forms. An expectation is placed on us to fall in line and conform. I rebel against soulless conformity. I celebrate my uniqueness and yours and the passionate embrace of life.


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shattering teacups

In order to help process the beginning of my pottery I thought I would start to blog it. You see it isnt all sunshine and roses. I guess in my case it isnt all mud and throwing. It is all too often crumpling masses of clay, blurry designs or as in today, exploding teacups. shattered teacups

Perseverance is big and as a good apprentice I will quote my philosophy spouting pottery teacher and say, once again, “The only way to not make mistakes is to never try anything new”.

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Hi. My name is Debbie Jones and I am the potter. You can contact me by email or visit my wonderful pottery called Gone 2 Pot. The Sorting Room, 37a Victoria Street, Stromness, Orkney Islands KW163BS, UK
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