My Story

I first studied art at a community college in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. for only a year before letting the practical side win out and switching to nurses training. Over the following years I practiced nursing in the U.S. and for 2 years on a ship bringing educational books to Latin America. Met my husband and had 5 children on 3 continents. Along the way, I have sought any opportunity available to express myself creatively as I realized this creative/artistic expression was a need. Opportunities over the years have included spinning, weaving, felting, knitting, crochet, sewing, jewelry making, lead light windows, basket making, sculpture, pottery and even a bit of art thereapy. I have a passionate need to express my creativity as well as to bring out the creative/free side of others. I have been involved in teaching, art therapy experiences and art installations around the globe. I have primarily been involved on a volunteer basis.

Since moving to Orkney I have been inspired by the beauty and pace of the land. With the encouragement of my family I took an apprenticeship with Andrew Appleby last year and he taught me more than how to throw a pot. He taught me how to create a viable pottery business, to live as a potter,

I love pottery, I love the circular motion of the creation of the object on the wheel. I love knowing that the underlying pattern on the pot is the artists fingerprints. I also love making domesticware. I feel that in the age of speed, multitasking and fast food we have lost the art of the dinner table. The gathering of family and friends around warm food and a cuppa tea around the hearth.

Being part of the Sorting Room ticks all the boxes for me. I get to be involved in creating with circular motion something that will help people gather around a table or hearth in a creative space with other artists in an environment that encourages freedom and diversity.


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  • 1. Matilda Tumim  |  July 17, 2008 at 10:43 pm

    Hi Debbie – it was good to meet you yesterday. We loved the sorting rooms and have told a friend who has some crafts people friends to come and see it when they are up in Orkney next week. I believe my son Josh visited Sam and kipped at yours last night?! He has lost a set of keys which is a pain as some of them are quite important so if you do find some strange looking keys please do bear him in mind. I loved your pots and now know where to send the boys for my Christmas and my birthday which is always handy. If you are interested our website (badly needs and update but can’t afford to pay for one and not good at DY so I just try and update the blog monthly. (for some more up to date images!)

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